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Onsite personnel, Electronic Gated, 24-hour Video Surveillance and Alarm System with response team. 

Luxury Facilities

Designed for luxury, exotic, classic, and special autos; spotlessly clean buildings, wash & detail bays

Climate Control

Heated and Circulated air keeps temperature constant. Prevents moisture that could damage a vehicle.

Discrete Location

Highly discrete location with easy access in the Calgary area. Your peace of mind is top of mind.


Annual or Monthly basis


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per year

You can switch vehicles and store your winter or extra vehicle during the summer months. This is paid in advance at the start of the year. Check is preferred. Credit card is accepted with a 4% convenience fee. Plus GST.

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per month

 Credit card is accepted with a 4% convenience fee. Plus GST.

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Who Uses Our Service?

We do not have to tell you about the brutal Calgary winters. You are not going to take your expensive exotic, classic, luxury or special auto out on those roads! These are our main customers, people who need more garage space at home to keep the daily driver inside at -40 or so. Or maybe you just have an extra vehicle that you are just not using.  Working overseas?  With the mobile work force in Calgary, many people store their cars with us as they head to a new country for a temporary job placement.  Whatever the reason, you can be assured that your car will be well looked after in your absence.

Accessing Your Vehicle

24 hours notice is appreciated when you decide to pick up or drop off your vehicle. This allows us to properly prepare and ready your vehicle for your arrival. During the winter season hours listed below, we require 1 week notice.

Hours of Operation

Our regular business hours are: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Saturdays 9:00 am to noon. Closed Sundays. After hour drop offs or pick ups available with appointment. 

Winter months – December 1st to April 1st: Office is closed during this period. Access to storage is available with 1 week notice. Email and telephone messages are checked daily and we respond quickly.

Security & Facilities

Our storage facilities security was designed with giving you the peace of mind that your valuable luxury, exotic, classic or special auto is in good hands while being stored. We have personnel that live on site, within view of our buildings. Electronic Gated access to premise. 24 hour Video Surveillance and Alarm system with response team. Highly discrete location. SPOTLESSLY clean buildings. Heated and Circulated air keeps temperature constant. This is important to control any moisture causing damage to vehicles. New wash and detail bay for your use. Air station for tire pressure adjustment. Paved drives and parking areas.

What to consider before storing your auto:

Clean Wheels
And we mean really clean them! Brake dust is very corrosive and you do not want that sitting on your wheels all winter. If you are ambitious, give them a good coat of wax and you will find that brake dust will not adhere to them so much.

Over-inflate Tires
Inflate them to perhaps 40-50 psi. I have not seen any problems of flat spotting from storage with today’s lower profile radial tires, but this will protect against the normal 1 psi or so of natural pressure loss per month.

Wash Car
But DO NOT put it away wet unless you want to encourage rust to form everywhere the water collects. Try to wash it the day before you bring it in for storage.

To Start or Not?
I’m of the school which says don’t start the engine while in storage. Most engine wear happens in those first few minutes when a car is started because the oil has not fully circulated  and your engine is running dry.  Also, the engine will probably not get hot enough to burn off the moisture, acids, etc. that it creates while running for a short while. This will only contaminate your fresh oil that you just put in.

Your Battery
This is what we look after for you. After many years and thousands of cars stored, we found that the best bet is to disconnect the negative battery cable for winter storage. In our heated facility, the battery will hold its charge throughout the storage season. While we will use a battery maintainer on your car if you request, there is always a battery failure or two as a result of the maintainers either overcharging or not keeping up to the electrical draw from your car over time.

Adjust Your Insurance Coverage
Check with your insurance provider to adjust your coverage while in storage. Most people cancel their liability and collision while the car is not in use, and just carry fire, theft and vandalism coverage. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Check with your insurance agent for the best advice with your policy.


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For security reasons, please contact us by email to obtain mailing address.


Our facility is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, just off Macleod Trail South. To enhance our security, we ask that you contact us for exact directions.

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